The Kongo Cosmogram in Historical Archaeology and the Moral Compass of Dave the Potter

  title={The Kongo Cosmogram in Historical Archaeology and the Moral Compass of Dave the Potter},
  author={Grey Gundaker},
  journal={Historical Archaeology},
The Puppy in the Pit: Osteobiography of an Eighteenth-Century Dog at the Three Cranes Tavern, Massachusetts
  • Liz M. Quinlan
  • History
    International journal of historical archaeology
  • 2021
An otherwise unremarkable pit below the tavern foundation contained bones originally identified as a cat skeleton, which has subsequently been reidentified as a dog, and the shifts in cultural meaning this may indicate are discussed.
Semantic symbology: the evolution and amplification of cosmograms
ABSTRACT Around 1905, W.E.B. Du Bois wrote about the ‘Megascope’, a device through which its wearers could see ‘the Far Great and the Near Small but not the Great Near.’ The Great Near refers to
Preliminary Identification of African-Style Rouletted Colonoware in the Colonial South Carolina Lowcountry
ABSTRACT Colonoware, a low-fired earthenware made by enslaved Africans, African Americans, and Native Americans, is a crucial source for exploring the formation and materialization of colonial
Ceramics: Colonoware
Stories told by plants on graveyards in Northern Angola
An unexpected high number of plants were found in BaKongo cemeteries, including a high percentage of alien species, mainly from the Americas, which might be interpreted as a strong evidence of outside influence.
Jug Factories and Fictions: A Mixed Methods Analysis of African-American Stoneware Traditions in Antebellum South Carolina
ABSTRACT During the antebellum period, incipient ceramic industries scattered across South Carolina’s agricultural landscape. In the Edgefield district, a number of family-owned kilns contracted
The Expanding Legacy of the Enslaved Potter-Poet David Drake
ABSTRACT This article focuses on a number of important events in the ongoing legacies of David (Dave) Drake, an African-American potter who lived and worked in Edgefield, South Carolina. Dave’s
Where Tradition and Pragmatism Meet: African Diaspora Archaeology at the Crossroads
The trope of “tradition” dominates archaeological studies of the African diaspora. Much of the information archaeologists have about traditions on the African continent or in the early diaspora comes
Crosses, Crescents, Slashes, Stars: African-American Potters and Edgefield District Pottery Marks
ABSTRACT Alkaline-glazed stoneware developed in the Edgefield District of South Carolina in the early nineteenth century and employed a range of decorations and marks that drew from European ceramic


Signs of Diaspora/Diaspora of Signs: Literacies, Creolization, and Vernacular Practice in African America
Challenging monolithic approaches to culture and literacy, this book looks at the roots of African-American reading and writing from the perspective of vernacular activities and creolization. It
Divination and experience: explorations of a Chagga epistemology
L'auteur affirme que les approches anthropologiques de la divination en Afrique sont caracterisees par une certaine epistemologie, qui cree des problemes particuliers quant aux affirmations de
Religion and Society in Central Africa: The BaKongo of Lower Zaire
the manner in which the old economic arguments of industrialists and financiers in favour of Empire were joined by a new breed of nationalists, who used the colonial question as a political rallying
Slave Culture: Nationalist Theory and the Foundations of Black America
Foreword by John Stauffer 1. Introduction: Slavery and the Circle of Culture 2. David Walker: In Defense of African Rights and Liberty 3. Henry HIghland Garnet: Nationalism, Class Analysis, and
Death and the Invisible Powers: The World of Kongo Belief
PREFACE ONE The Spirituality of a Communal People Beginning with Community The Kongo People The Land of Manianga: Isolation and Rejection Gender and Community Structure The Cohesiveness of the