The Kinetochore Is an Enhancer of Pericentric Cohesin Binding

  title={The Kinetochore Is an Enhancer of Pericentric Cohesin Binding},
  author={Stewart A Weber and Jennifer L Gerton and Joan E Polancic and Joseph L. DeRisi and Douglas Koshland and Paul C. Megee},
  journal={PLoS Biology},
  pages={817 - 829}
The recruitment of cohesins to pericentric chromatin in some organisms appears to require heterochromatin associated with repetitive DNA. However, neocentromeres and budding yeast centromeres lack flanking repetitive DNA, indicating that cohesin recruitment occurs through an alternative pathway. Here, we demonstrate that all budding yeast chromosomes assemble cohesin domains that extend over 20-50 kb of unique pericentric sequences flanking the conserved 120-bp centromeric DNA. The assembly of… CONTINUE READING