The Kinetics of in Vivo Hemolytic Systems by Eric Ponder

  • Published 2003


The purpose of this paper is to explore the possibilities of treating the contents of the blood stream as a hemolytic system in which a more or less steady state is maintained by the production of new red cells to replace those which are destroyed. The attempt will raise both new questions and questions which have been the subject of investigation already, and I realize that it will often do no more than outline the problems still to be solved. In their essentials, these problems are those of the nature of the in vivo lysins, the nature of their accelerators and inhibitors, the rules which apply to the mixtures of lysins, accelerators, and inhibitors which compose the in vivo hemolytic systems, and the kinetics which describe the way in which red cell destruction by the hemolytic mixtures is balanced by the production of new red cells.

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