The Key Elements of Viral Advertising. From Motivation to Emotion in the Most Shared Videos

  title={The Key Elements of Viral Advertising. From Motivation to Emotion in the Most Shared Videos},
  author={Alberto Dafonte-G{\'o}mez},
From its origins in the mid 90s, the application of the concept of virality to commercial communication has represented an opportunity for brands to cross the traditional barriers of the audience concerning advertising and turn it into active communicator of brand messages. [] Key Result The results obtained show the most common features in these videos and the prominent presence of surprise and joy as dominant emotions in the most successful viral videos.
Viral Dissemination of Content in Advertising: Emotional Factors to Reach Consumers
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Raising Brand Awareness of Helsinki Salsa Academy Through Viral Video Marketing on Facebook
7 May 2018 Author(s) Yana Basenko Degree programme International Business Report/thesis title Raising Brand Awareness of Helsinki Salsa Academy Through Viral Video Marketing on Facebook Number of


Spreading the Virus
ABSTRACT Viral advertising has attracted advertisers in recent years, yet little is known about how exactly it works from an information processing perspective. This study extends knowledge by
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This study sought to examine and define a division of Electronic Word-of-Mouth (eWOM) known as viral advertising. Representing the first empirical effort to investigate the content of, and ultimately
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Hacia una nueva conceptualización evolutiva de la comunicación «cultural»
Ya sea reunidos alrededor de una fogata, viendo TV o sentados frente a la pantalla del computador, las pressiones de la selección natural darwiniana han forzado a los individuos a ceñirse a cerrados
The New Science of Viral Ads
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