The Kassites and near Eastern Chronology

  title={The Kassites and near Eastern Chronology},
  author={Albrecht Goetze},
  journal={Journal of Cuneiform Studies},
  pages={97 - 101}
  • A. Goetze
  • Published 1 January 1964
  • History
  • Journal of Cuneiform Studies
The sequence of thirty-six kings shom the historical tradition of the Babylonians calls ''Kassites''1 has not come down to us in its entirety in any one source. The historian must try to reconstruct it by combining various sources. The classical king list, known as "king list A"2 furnishes the names of the kings 1-6, and after a gap (in part or whole) those of the kings 24-36. For kings 1-4 and 22-36 also the number of years they reigned is preserved. The names of the kings 16-23 have securely… 
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„Ḫarbašipak“, „Tiptakzi“ und die Chronologie der älteren Kassitenzeit
Die in den Jahresdaten der Texte von Tell Muhammad (Schichten II und III) genannten beiden Könige lassen sich mit den Namen der beiden Kassiten-Herrscher Nr. 7 und 8 der Synchronistischen Königsliste


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