The K2-138 System: A Near-resonant Chain of Five Sub-Neptune Planets Discovered by Citizen Scientists

  title={The K2-138 System: A Near-resonant Chain of Five Sub-Neptune Planets Discovered by Citizen Scientists},
  author={J. Christiansen and I. Crossfield and G. Barentsen and C. Lintott and T. Barclay and B. Simmons and E. Petigura and J. Schlieder and C. Dressing and A. Vanderburg and D. Ciardi and C. Allen and Adam McMaster and G. Miller and Martin Veldthuis and Sarah Allen and Z. Wolfenbarger and B. Cox and Julia Zemiro and A. Howard and J. Livingston and E. Sinukoff and Timothy Catron and A. Grey and Joshua J. E. Kusch and I. Terentev and M. Vale{\vs} and M. H. Kristiansen},
  journal={The Astronomical Journal},
  • J. Christiansen, I. Crossfield, +25 authors M. H. Kristiansen
  • Published 2018
  • Physics
  • The Astronomical Journal
  • K2-138 is a moderately bright (V = 12.2, K = 10.3) main-sequence K star observed in Campaign 12 of the NASA K2 mission. It hosts five small (1.6–3.3 R⊕) transiting planets in a compact architecture. The periods of the five planets are 2.35, 3.56, 5.40, 8.26, and 12.76 days, forming an unbroken chain of near 3:2 resonances. Although we do not detect the predicted 2–5 minute transit timing variations (TTVs) with the K2 timing precision, they may be observable by higher-cadence observations with… CONTINUE READING
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