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The Judicial Resolution of Conflicts Between Trade and the Environment

  title={The Judicial Resolution of Conflicts Between Trade and the Environment},
  author={John H. Knox},
The 1991 Tuna-Dolphin decision by a GATT arbitral panel implied that a variety of domestic environmental laws and international environmental agreements conflicted with international trade law, and that the conflicts would be resolved by trade tribunals biased against environmental concerns. In response, critics proposed moderate reforms to the international trade regime to address environmental concerns. Rather than incorporate the proposals into the World Trade Organization agreements and the… 
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International Jurisprudence on Trade and Environmental Health: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?
  • K. Timmermans
  • Law
    International journal of occupational and environmental health
  • 2008
A review of the decisions and reasoning in these cases indicates that WTO jurisprudence is evolving, as Panels and the Appellate Body try to balance countries' rights and obligations under international trade agreements with their right to protect occupational and environmental health.
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  • Maria Irene Papa
  • Economics, Law
    Interpretations of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea by International Courts and Tribunals
  • 2019
UNCLOS has so far occupied a marginal place in the WTO case-law. Indeed, the only reference to UNCLOS is contained in the 1998 Appellate Body’s US-Shrimp report. Nevertheless, the paucity of
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