The Judgement of Paris

  title={The Judgement of Paris},
  author={Peter Walcot},
  journal={Greece and Rome},
  pages={31 - 39}
  • P. Walcot
  • Published 1 April 1977
  • History
  • Greece and Rome
Where ought we to begin the story of the Trojan War? If we follow Homer, we shall begin with Paris and his mad folly or ate in abducting Helen (Iliad 24.28; cf. 3.100 and 6.356, and contrast 5.62–64 and 22.115–16). But the rape of Helen was a direct consequence of Paris awarding the prize for outstanding beauty to Aphrodite, when, while tending animals on Mount Ida, the prince was approached by Hera, Athene, and Aphrodite and required to adjudicate between their conflicting claims to be thought… 

Homer and the Epic Cycle in Ovid, Heroides 16-17

This essay discusses the Cypria and the Iliad as important background texts for Ovid, Heroides 16-17, the correspondence of Paris and Helen. It argues that Paris and Helen offer different literary

Eris In Euripides

As a goddess Eris or Strife plays no role at all in Greek religion and an extremely restricted role in Greek literature. In èpic she briefly appears in the preliminaries to the Judgement of Paris,

Tragic Troy and Athens: heroic space in Attic drama

This book examines the physical presentation of the heroic world in tragedy, in short the ‘tragic world’. This presentation includes the landscape, buildings, and objects of this world, and aims to

Karl Marx and the Paris Commune of 1871: Tracing Traditions of Critical Pedagogy

  • R. McGray
  • History
    Int. J. Adult Vocat. Educ. Technol.
  • 2014
It is argued that there is an important connection: The Civil War in France revises Marx's theory of dialectics in such a way that it allows us to understand informal learning as a process for possible critique.

Creating the Past: The Vénus de Milo and the Hellenistic Reception of Classical Greece

  • R. Kousser
  • Art, History
    American Journal of Archaeology
  • 2005
This article reexamines the well-known Hellenistic statue of Aphrodite from Melos (the Vénus de Milo), drawing on recently published archaeological evidence and archival sources relating to its

Aphrodite:The Goddess at Work in Archaic  Greek Poetry

Greek literature frequently associates female beauty with clothing and jewellery. In addition, the concept of female beauty and allure is closely connected with the goddess Aphrodite. The fact that

Ancient Mythological Images and their Interpretation: An Introduction to Iconology, Semiotics and Image Studies in Classical Art History

When we try to make sense of pictures, what do we gain when we use a particular method - and what might we be missing or even losing? Empirical experimentation on three types of mythological imagery

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This thesis is an ethnographic study of Lebanese wine producers and their on-going efforts to create and sustain a niche in the international market for their high quality wines. By focusing upon

El examen de maridos en El conde Partinuplés de Ana Caro: la agencia femenina en el Juicio de Paris

El deseo y la libertad femeninos? en El conde Partinuplés han sido dos temas fundamentales del análisis crítico de esta obra. Tras analizar los resultados de estos trabajos, se elabora aquí una nueva



The relevance of models for social anthropology

There has been much discussion in recent years about the construction of theoretical models useful in the explanation of particular areas of social organization. This volume charts that discussion