The Journal

  title={The Journal},
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The study examined the connection between writing competency and writing feedback experiences through academic writing course for student-teachers across the curriculum. The aims of the course were to prepare student-teachers to their role as writing facilitators and to improve their writing. Experimental and control group differed in course plan focused on writing feedback as the depended variable. A significant improvement was found in writing formative feedback. Interaction effect between… 

The effect of leadership

Leadership charisma has been emphasized in terms of performance improvement by inspiring organization’s values and norms and making employees spend extra effort for oganization’s objectives

One Hundred Fifth Critical Bibliography of the History of Science and Its Cultural Influences (to January 1980)

The present Critical Bibliography*, which includes 3585 citations, is the twenty-sixth to be classified according to the system established in 1953 and is both chronological and by subject, preference is given to the former.

The Romantics and the Question of Ireland

The Irish Rebellion of 1798 was of telling significance for Ireland itself and for Britain as a whole; there were also important connections with Europe. Its consequences were palpable throughout the

The Scarlet Gown: History and Development of Scottish Undergraduate Dress

The scarlet gown is synonymous with student life in Scotland. Although its beginnings are mysterious, the purpose of this article is to shed some light on its origin and to describe its development

Actors: the stage is set

The concept of actors is introduced, their properties are discussed, and how actor systems and languages are being used in application areas outside AI are described.

Pristine Aborigines or Victims of Progress?

In the anthropological literature, the Western Shoshones as presented by Julian Steward loom large as a group of people who adapted as best they could to scarce resources in the high interior desert

Introduction: Jewish cultural heritage, space and mobility in Spain, Portugal and North Africa

A traditional definition of cultural heritage, tangible and intangible, includes all assets that have a symbolic cultural value: from historic towns, buildings, cultural landscapes and cultural

A unifying framework to quantify the effects of substrate interactions, stiffness, and roughness on the dynamics of thin supported polymer films.

This work considers molecular dynamics simulations of substrate-supported, coarse-grained polymer films where these parameters are tuned separately to determine how each of these variables influence the molecular dynamics of thin polymer films, finding that all these variables significantly influence the film dynamics.

A perturbative approximation to DFT/MRCI: DFT/MRCI(2)

We introduce a perturbative approximation to the combined density functional theory and multireference configuration interaction (DFT/MRCI) method. The method, termed DFT/MRCI(2), results from the

Growth of equilibrium structures built from a large number of distinct component types.

It is found that high-fidelity growth of the equilibrium target structure can happen in the presence of substantial attractive undesigned interactions, as long as the energy scale of the set of designed interactions is chosen appropriately.




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Human Learning Systems The sixth edition of Human Learning covers a broad-range of learning theories and key perspectives on learning related to education, including: behaviorist, cognitive, social

A note on some possible affinities between the creole dialects of the Old World and those of the New

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25 días de campo

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Duke works to stem Fuqua fallout