The Jordan Curve Theorem, Formally and Informally

  title={The Jordan Curve Theorem, Formally and Informally},
  author={Thomas C. Hales},
  journal={The American Mathematical Monthly},
  pages={882 - 894}
  • T. Hales
  • Published 1 December 2007
  • Mathematics
  • The American Mathematical Monthly
1. INTRODUCTION. The Jordan curve theorem states that every simple closed pla-nar curve separates the plane into a bounded interior region and an unbounded exterior. One hundred years ago, Oswald Veblen declared that this theorem is " justly regarded as a most important step in the direction of a perfectly rigorous mathematics " [13, p. 83]. Its position as a benchmark of mathematical rigor has continued to our day. Many vastly underestimate the logical gulf that separates a typical published… 
The Jordan curve theorem is non-trivial
The formal mathematical definition of a Jordan curve (a non-self-intersecting continuous loop in the plane) is so simple that one is often lead to the unimaginative view that a Jordan curve is
The Complexity of Proving the Discrete Jordan Curve Theorem
  • Phuong Nguyen, S. Cook
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    22nd Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS 2007)
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The Jordan Curve Theorem is formalized and proved in the context of grid graphs, under different input settings, in theories of bounded arithmetic that correspond to small complexity classes.
Ordered geometry in Hilbert's Grundlagen der Geometrie
The Grundlagen der Geometrie brought Euclid’s ancient axioms up to the standards of modern logic, anticipating a completely mechanical verification of their theorems. There are five groups of axioms,
Simple Polygons
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Proof of the Jordan curve theorem
In the following we will represent the Jordan curve theorem in the form and generality needed during the course Function theory III lectured in the fall of 2010 at University of Helsinki. We will
The HOL Light Theory of Euclidean Space
  • J. Harrison
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Automated Reasoning
  • 2012
This formalization was started in 2005 and has been extensively developed since then, partly in direct support of the Flyspeck project, partly out of a general desire to develop a well-rounded and comprehensive theory of basic analytical, geometrical and topological machinery.
Connected Sets and the AMS , 1901 – 1921
C hapter 1 of Kelley’s famous book General Topology introduces the most fundamental concepts of a topological space. One such notion is defined as follows [1]: A topological space (X, τ) is connected
The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra Made Effective: An Elementary Real-algebraic Proof via Sturm Chains
This work formalizes Gauss’ geometric notion of winding number in the real-algebraic setting, from which it derives a real- algebraic proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra.
Intelligent Computer Mathematics
The first-ever computer formalization of the theory of Gröbner bases in reduction rings in Theorema is presented, made up solely by “elementary theories” such as sets, numbers and tuples that are themselves independent of reduction rings and may therefore be used as the foundations of future theory explorations in the system.
A Discrete Proof of The General Jordan-Schoenflies Theorem
In the early 1960s, Brown and Mazur proved the general Jordan-Schoenflies theorem. This fundamental theorem states: If we embed an $(n-1)$ sphere $S^{(n-1)}$ locally flatly in an $n$ sphere $S^{n}$,


Theory on plane curves in non-metrical analysis situs
JORDAN'St explicit formulation of the fundamental theorem that a simple closed curve lying wholly in a plane decomposes the plane into an inside and an outside region is justly regarded as a most
The Jordan-Scho¨nflies theorem and the classification of surfaces
INTRODUCTION. The Jordan curve theorem says that a simple closed curve in the Euclidean plane partitions the plane into precisely two parts: the interior and the exterior of the curve. Although this
Jordan Curve Theorem
For simplicity, we adopt the following rules: a, b, c, d, r, s denote real numbers, n denotes a natural number, p, p1, p2 denote points of E 2 T, x, y denote points of E T, C denotes a simple closed
What is Mathematics?
THIS is a thoroughly good book which deserves to run through many editions. It is not (as its title might suggest) a book on mathematical logic or philosophy: it deals not with the nature of
A Term of Length 4 523 659 424 929
It is shown that Bourbaki's definition of the number 1 runs to some tens of thousands of symbols, but that is a considerable under-estimate, the true number of symbols being that in the title.
The Jordan curve theorem
The formal proof of the Jordan curve theorem (HOL Light code), available at http://www/ math
  • The formal proof of the Jordan curve theorem (HOL Light code), available at http://www/ math
Elements of Sets
  • 1968