The John Birch Society: A Profile

  title={The John Birch Society: A Profile},
  author={Barbara S. Stone},
  journal={The Journal of Politics},
  pages={184 - 197}
THE POLITICAL CONSERVATISM, especially the extreme conservatism, which has characterized much of the contemporary milieu has been an object of considerable interest for students concerned with theorizing about direct political action. American scholarship seems to have produced a fairly consistent image of the radical rightist. Socially, he tends to be an older, less well-educated individual; economically, he is usually a person of lower-income and occupational status. He is likely to belong to… 

The World of the John Birch Society: Conspiracy, Conservatism, and the Cold War

"A Selection of the History Book Club" As far as members of the hugely controversial John Birch Society were concerned, the Cold War revealed in stark clarity the loyalties and disloyalties of

Sources of Support for the Old Right: A Comparison of the John Birch Society and the Christian Anti-Communism Crusade

During the Reagan years, the New Right has been the focus of a great deal of scholarly attention. Some have studied the secular New Right movement (Crawford, 1980); others have focused on the

Practicing Birchism: The Assumption and Limits of Idiocultural Coherence in Framing Theory

Social movement theory and research over the past twenty years have utilized the concepts incorporated under the rubric of Framing Theory in order to draw attention to the cultural ‘meaning work’

Save Our Republic: Battling John Birch in California's Conservative Cradle

OF DISSERTATION SAVE OUR REPUBLIC: BATTLING JOHN BIRCH IN CALIFORNIA’S CONSERVATIVE CRADLE Previous accounts of the development of the New American Right have demonstrated the popularity and

Eisenhower's Paradoxical Relationship with the “Military‐Industrial Complex”

Dwight D. Eisenhower's parting advice to the American people about the dangers of "misplaced power" being exerted by the "military-industrial complex" became an indelible part of the national

Values of British political extremists and potential extremists: A discriminant analysis

Studied the value systems of political extremists and potential extremists, comparing them with the value systems of centrist activists and supporters. Samples of political activists from the Labour,

Religious Commitment, Political Conservatism, and Political and Social Tolerance in the United States: A Longitudinal Analysis

This paper seeks to clarify certain theoretical and empirical aspects of the nature of the relationships between political conservatism and religious commitment on the one hand and political and

Hostile media perception and partisan processing of media messages: Self-categorization and involvement in political and religious debates over same-sex marriage and poverty

Hostile media perception (HMP) is a well-documented perceptual media effect. Yet, an understanding of its causal mechanisms has been difficult to ascertain. This study examined two promising,

Blood Right: Racial Protectionism and the Problem of Christianity in American White Nationalism




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