The Jin Revisited: New Assessment of Jurchen Emperors

  title={The Jin Revisited: New Assessment of Jurchen Emperors},
  author={Julia Schneider},
  journal={Journal of Song-Yuan Studies},
  pages={343 - 404}
In scholarship specializing in the Jurchen (Nüzhen 女真 or Nüzhi 女 直) Jin dynasty (1115–1234), the prevailing trend is to draw certain lines between the imperial reign times. The earlier Jin emperors beginning with the second, Taizong 太宗 (r. 1123–1134),2 Xizong 熙宗 (r. 1135–50)3 and Hai ling wang 海陵王 (r. 1150–61)4 are labelled as ‘sinicized’ emperors.5 The fifth, Shizong 世宗 (r. 1161–89),6 is seen as the emperor who tried to resist this sinicization by initiating a Jurchen ‘revival’ or ‘nativistic… Expand
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