The Jewish and Moslem Versions of Some Theodicy Legends. (Aa-Th. 759)

  title={The Jewish and Moslem Versions of Some Theodicy Legends. (Aa-Th. 759)},
  author={Haim Schwarzbaum},
The disharmony between the concept of a God of Justice and the evils extant in a world where—according to the old Talmudic phraseology— "the righteous one suffers, whereas the widced one prospers," constitutes one of the most crucial and perplexing problems in the history of mankind. This mooted question of the stränge and apparently unmerited suffering of the just and the prosperity of the widced, or äs the poet Thomas Parnell (1697—1781) has it: "That vice should triumph, virtue vice obey… Expand
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