The Jewish Problem in International Society

  title={The Jewish Problem in International Society},
  author={Michael Barnett},

Antisemitism in the global populist international

  • Jelena Subotić
  • Political Science
    The British Journal of Politics and International Relations
  • 2021
This article explores the relationship between antisemitism and international politics, specifically the potent role that antisemitism plays in the development and maintenance of the global populist

Racism and Antiracism in the Liberal International Order

Abstract Formal racial equality is a key aspect of the current Liberal International Order (LIO). It is subject to two main challenges: resurgent racial nationalism and substantive racial inequality.



Liberal Internationalism

  • B. Jahn
  • Political Science
    The Oxford Handbook of Peacebuilding, Statebuilding, and Peace Formation
  • 2021
Since the end of the Cold War, peacebuilding operations have become an integral part of world politics—despite their continuing failures. This chapter provides an account of peacebuilding operations

China’s Hegemony

On Being Included

  • A. Sharifi
  • Philosophy
    Staging Gender - Reflexionen aus Theorie und Praxis der performativen Künste
  • 2019

Multicultural Odysseys

The last 40 years have witnessed a revolution around the world in relations between states and ethnocultural minorities. Older models of assimilationist and homogenizing nation states are


Contemporary social science analysis is dominated by utilitarian or functional approaches in which institutional structures are assumed to adapt in an optimal fashion to changing environmental

Confucian Pacifism or Confucian Confusion ?

s from concrete historical contexts and then chooses part of the works of the pre-Qin masters and expounds these texts .... Is the reading of pre-Qin history and the exposition of the thought of the