The Javanese Home Garden as an Integrated Agro-Ecosystem

  title={The Javanese Home Garden as an Integrated Agro-Ecosystem},
  author={Otto Soemarwoto and Idjah Soemarwato and Karyono and E. M. Soekartadiredja and Aseng Ramlan},
  journal={Food and Nutrition Bulletin},
  pages={1 - 4}
In the countryside of Java, the existence of a village is indicated by a clump of dense vegetation amidst rice fields. The houses are almost completely concealed by this vegetation; from the air the villages look like dark-green islands in a sea of light-green or yellow rice fields. A closer look at the village reveals that the dense vegetation consists of plants in gardens surrounding the houses. This is particularly true of Central Java. In West Java the houses, surrounded by gardens, are… 

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