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The Java Virtual Machine Specification

  title={The Java Virtual Machine Specification},
  author={Tim Lindholm and Frank Yellin},
From the Publisher: The nucleus of the Java 2 platform, the Java virtual machine is the technology that enables the Java 2 platform to host applications on any computer or operating system without rewriting or recompiling. This book was written by those directly responsible for the design and implementation of the Java virtual machine, and is the complete and definitive specification for the technology. It is an essential reference for writers of compilers for the Java programming language and… 

Java Virtual Machine

This text is a comprehensive programming guide for the Java Virtual Machine, providing an overview and reference of the JVM, and it enbles users to create their own implementations of theJVM or write their own compilers that create Java object code.

Building a Java virtual machine for server applications: The Jvm on OS/390

The work done for the Operating System/390 (OS/390®) Java virtual machine to improve performance and serviceability, to introduce security and performance enhancements, and to redesign parts of thevirtual machine to enable it to run server programs efficiently and safely are described.

A study of dynamic instruction frequencies in byte compiled Java programs

The paper presents dynamic instruction frequencies for a Java virtual machine after running five test programs and finds that a large part of the run time of a Java program is due to loading/storing variables to/from the stack.

The Delft-Java Engine: An Introduction

The proposed architecture provides direct translation capability from the Java Virtual Machine instruction set into the Delft-Java instruction set, a 32-bit RISC instruction set architecture with support for multiple concurrent threads and Java specific constructs.

Using a Java Optimized Processor in a Real World Application

JOP (a Java Optimized Processor) is a hardware implementation of the JVM with short and predictable execution time of most bytecodes, implemented as a configurable soft core in an FPGA.

Design, and implementation of a Java execution environment

  • F. ChenT.-W. Hou
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings 1998 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (Cat. No.98TB100250)
  • 1998
Discusses how a Java execution environment, named Gabi, is designed and implemented, and approaches to boost the performance of the bytecode interpreter by programming skills.

Evaluating the Java Virtual Machine as a Target for Languages Other Than Java

The portability and runtime safety of programs which are executed on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) makes the JVM an attractive target for compilers of languages other than Java. Unfortunately, the

Parameter passing for the Java virtual machine

  • K. J. Gough
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings 23rd Australasian Computer Science Conference. ACSC 2000 (Cat. No.PR00518)
  • 2000
Possible ways of using the JVM to provide parameter passing modes with alternative semantics are discussed, and one particular architecture in practice is explored.

Java Virtual Machine - Present And Near Future

  • Qiaoyun Li
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings. Technology of Object-Oriented Languages. TOOLS 26 (Cat. No.98EX176)
  • 1998
java's existing JVM features and the way they contribute to its overall portability are introduced and the future direction of JVM is discussed.

The Delft-Java Engine

The DELFT-JAVA engine - a 32-bit RISC-based architecture that provides high performance JAVA program execution is described and the concept of J AVA dynamic instruction translation, a new approach to JAVa hardware acceleration is introduced.