The James-Lange theory of emotions: a critical examination and an alternative theory. By Walter B. Cannon, 1927.

  title={The James-Lange theory of emotions: a critical examination and an alternative theory. By Walter B. Cannon, 1927.},
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  • Published 1 December 1927
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The American journal of psychology

Brain mechanisms of HPA axis regulation: neurocircuitry and feedback in context Richard Kvetnansky lecture

The complexity of the regulatory process suggests that information on stressors is integrated across functional disparate brain circuits prior to accessing the PVN, with regions such as the BST in prime position to relay contextual information provided by these sources into appropriate HPA activation.

Caractérisation du substrat neurologique impliqué dans le traitement de stimuli visuels dynamiques émotionnels : étude d'imagerie par résonance magnétique fonctionnelle

This dissertation characterizes the neurobiological substrate involved in processing dynamic visual emotional stimuli through cerebral functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and reports the brain regions that are more activated during the processing of erotic film excerpts than during theprocessing of so-called 'neutral' film excerpts.

Physiological linkage during shared positive and shared negative emotion.

It was found that shared positive emotion was associated with higher in-phase and lower antiphase linkage, relative to the other 3 emotion categories, and was also consistently associated withHigher-quality interactions and relationships, both concurrently and longitudinally.

Core irrational beliefs and maladaptive schemas in cognitive behavioral therapy for anger and aggression

Aim of present research is to study the effect of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as an intervention program for treatment of clients (individuals and couples) with anger and aggression and

Effects of Religious Participation on Social Inclusion and Existential Well-Being Levels of Muslim Refugees and Immigrants in Turkey

  • M. Çetin
  • Psychology
    The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion
  • 2019
ABSTRACT Being a refugee or immigrant brings many difficulties that can detrimentally affect well-being. Participation in social life and feeling included in the host country can play an important

What's in a face? : psychophysiological applications of neuroscience for diagnostics and therapies

The idea that the utility of research should be secondary to understanding its subject delays the extraction of potential value. A parallel translational approach to research was applied whereby

Prelinimary version of a chapter in preparation for Psychology of Trust : New Research

Though individuals differ in the degree to which they are predisposed to trust or act trustworthy, we theorize that trust-based behaviors are universally determined by the calibration of conflicting

Effects of a Single Diaphragmatic Breath on Anxiety, Gaze, and Performance


The Social Framework of Learning via Neurodidactics

Both from a pedagogical and a psychological point of view, but also from sociology, we are aware of the fact that learning is a permanently successful process, taking into consideration that learning

Running Head : EMOTIONAL CONTAGION 1 The Implications and Opportunities of Emotional Contagion

Humans are able to engage in the process of empathy, by which people consciously place themselves in the situations faced by others and thereby genuinely feel the emotions of others. There also



A sympathetic and adrenal mechanism for mobilizing sugar in hypoglycemia

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The James-Lange theory of emotions: A critical examination and an alternative theory,

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Epinephrin hypersensitiveness and its relation to hyperthyroidism, Amer

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