The Israeli bombing of Osiraq reconsidered: Successful counterproliferation?

  title={The Israeli bombing of Osiraq reconsidered: Successful counterproliferation?},
  author={Jeremy Tamsett},
  journal={The Nonproliferation Review},
  pages={70 - 85}
  • J. Tamsett
  • Published 2004
  • Political Science
  • The Nonproliferation Review
According to conventional wisdom, the June 7, 1981, counterproliferation attack by Israel on Iraq's Osiraq nuclear facility at al-Tuwaitha actually accelerated Iraq's efforts to build nuclear weapons by increasing both its intent and material capabilities to do so. Critics of the raid on Osiraq frequently cite Iraq's increased drive for nuclear weapons after the attack as proof that the counterproliferation action not only failed to meet its objectives, but created a more dangerous situation by… Expand
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