The Islamic Defenders Front: Demonization, Violence and the State in Indonesia

  title={The Islamic Defenders Front: Demonization, Violence and the State in Indonesia},
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Informal Security Groups as Social Non-Movement in Indonesia: Case of Buru Jejak in Central Lombok
This essay discusses vigilante groups in relation to access for rights to security, particularly in Central Lombok District, West Nusa Tenggara Province. Vigilante groups are defined as 'informal
Performing Peace: The Evolving Roles of Security Groups in Indonesia
Indonesia has a large number of civil society militia organisations that profess to safeguard peace and security in society. Generally associated with specific ethnic or religious groups, these civil
Populism, Violence, and Vigilantism in Indonesia: Rizieq Shihab and His Far-Right Islamist Populism
Muhammad Rizieq Shihab has been one of the most well-known faces of the far-right in Indonesia since the late 1990s. As a radical Islamist scholar with links to Saudi Arabia, Shihab has spent the
Promoting Qur'anic Verses That Reject Violence
This article highlights the mistaken paradigms that underpin the use of Islam to justify violence and terrorism. Its exploration of the Qur'an shows that Islam emphasizes peaceful values and promotes
Variation of Muslim Practice in Indonesia
Bringing Social Movements into the Inclusion-Moderation Thesis
Many scholars argue that democracy tames religious fundamentalism. This inclusion-moderation theory holds that when radical religious movements are incorporated in the democratic system, they have
Religious and Pro-Violence Populism in Indonesia: The Rise and Fall of a Far-Right Islamist Civilisationist Movement
The first quarter of the twenty-first century has witnessed the rise of populism around the world. While it is widespread it manifests in its own unique ways in each society, nation, and region.
Ideologi dan Strategi Gerakan Filantropi Islam: Studi Kasus Hilal Merah Indonesia
This article discusses the emergence, activities, and the ways in which Hilal Merah Indonesia (HILMI) mobilizes its resources. HILMI is the autonomous philanthropic division of Front Pembela Islam
Variation of Muslim Practice in Indonesia
Disciplining the Accepted and Amputating the Deviants: Religious Nationalism and Segregated Citizenship in Indonesia
Abstract T. H. Marshall’s 1950 seminal work shows that the granting of civil, political, and social rights leads to the institutionalization of rules binding the state and its citizens. In practice,


Prophecy Continuous: Aspects of Ahmadi Religious Thought and Its Medieval Background
Since its inception in colonial India in 1889, the Ahmadi movement has been, arguably, the most controversial movement in modern Islam. Yohanan Friedmann provides an insight into the origin and
The new encyclopedia of Islam
1: Introduction 2: Acknowledgments 3: Notes 4: The New Encyclopedia of Islam 5: Chronology 6: Appendix I: Maps 7: Appendix II: Mecca and the Hajj 8: Appendix III: Branches of Islam 9: Appendix IV:
Islamic state or state Islam? Fifty years of state-Islam relations in Indonesia
In what appeared like a dramatic reversal of previous policies towards organised Islam, President Soeharto in December 1990 gave his personal endorsement to the establishment of the Association of
Ordering what is right, forbidding what is wrong: two faces of Hadhrami dakwah in contemporary Indonesia
This paper is concerned with two faces of Hadhrami dakwah in post- New Order Indonesia. One is that of Habib Syech bin Abulkadir Assegaf (Habib Syech) who promotes traditional Sufi piety and opposes
Speaking of Race, Speaking of Sex: Hate Speech, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties.
At the University of Pennsylvania, a student is reprimanded for calling a group of African-American students water buffalo. Several prominent American law schools now request that professors abstain
Islamic Radicalism in Indonesia: The Faltering Revival?
marching through city streets brandishing scimitars and exhorting jihad against Islam's foes; Arab-Indonesian Islamic "clerics" threatening to "sweep" foreigners from Indonesia; and noisy rallies to
Permesta: Half a Rebellion