The Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina and nation building by Muslims/Bosniaks in the Western Balkans

  title={The Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina and nation building by Muslims/Bosniaks in the Western Balkans},
  author={Dunja Larise},
  journal={Nationalities Papers},
  pages={195 - 212}
The disintegration of the former Yugoslavia posed challenges for the universal concept of the Yugoslav Muslim nation for which several development paths were imaginable under the new circumstances. The concept of Bosniakdom, which was initially developed to address the Muslims of Bosnia and Herzegovina, gradually grew to become a new and coherent national program to include all the Muslims of former Yugoslavia, primarily due to its new pan-Bosniak orientation. The present article traces the… Expand
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Die bošnjaštvo-Konzeption von Adil Zulfikarpašić
»Eingeschlafen sind wir als Muslime, aufgewacht sind wir als Bosniaken« – so kommentierte ein bosnisch-muslimischer Journalist 1993 das Votum einer auserparlamentarischen Versammlung vonExpand
Interview, Nasa Rijec, Sarajevo. Neimarlija, Hilmo
  • "Bosnjaci su muslimani." Behar,
  • 1993
This is our holy land, Bosnia and Herzegovina. God has guaranteed it to us. We were born here and here shall we die. And not only that. We also call all the Bosniaks across Europe
  • the Republika Srbska, known as the
  • 2011
Nac ̌ertanie – program spoljne i nacionalne politike Srbije. Undruženje srpskih izdavac ̌a Feniks Libris. Hadžidedic,́ Zlatko
  • In Bosna i Bošnjaštvo,
  • 2009
Nacertanie - program spoljne i nacionalne politike Srbije. Undruzenje srpskih izdavaca Feniks Libris
  • 2009
Preuzimanje Rijaseta Islamske zajednice bivse Jugoslavije bilo je nelegitimno, Interview for Federal Television B&H
  • 2008