The Ising model

  title={The Ising model},
  author={E. Ising},
  • E. Ising
  • Published 2005
  • The Ising Model is one of best developed models in statistical physics. Although it has been solved in one and two dimensions without the presence of an external magnetic field already 60 years ago there is still no solution to the three remaining cases: the two-dimensional model with an external magnetic field and the three-dimensional model with and without an external magnetic field. The aim of this report is not to study the physical relevance of the model (this has been done in Ref. [10… CONTINUE READING


    New perspectives on the Ising model
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    An introduction to the Ising model
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    Fifty years of the exact solution of the two-dimensional Ising model by Onsager
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    History of the Lenz-Ising Model 1920–1950: From Ferromagnetic to Cooperative Phenomena
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    Combinatorial formulation of Ising model revisited
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    Dimer Statistics and Phase Transitions
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    Statistical Mechanics:
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    Combinatorial and topological approach to the 3D Ising model
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    Cluster algorithm for hard spheres and related systems
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