The Irredentist Appeal in Morocco and Mauritania

  title={The Irredentist Appeal in Morocco and Mauritania},
  author={D. Ashford},
  journal={Political Research Quarterly},
  pages={641 - 651}
  • D. Ashford
  • Published 1962
  • Political Science
  • Political Research Quarterly
SHE MAURITANIAN QUESTION in Moroccan politics is an instructive example of the bewildering fusion of familiar and unfamiliar factors confronting the student of the developing nations of Africa and Asia. Handicapped by the lack of reliable information and estranged by cultural obstacles, the Western observer may feel some relief on finding what appears to be incontrovertible, if undesirable, evidence of European political behavior. Such a conclusion in the case of Moroccan irredentism, however… Expand
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