The Iranian Economy during the Second World War: The Devaluation Controversy

  title={The Iranian Economy during the Second World War: The Devaluation Controversy},
  author={Kamran Dadkhah},
  journal={Middle Eastern Studies},
  pages={181 - 198}
  • K. Dadkhah
  • Published 1 April 2001
  • History
  • Middle Eastern Studies
A hotly debated controversy in Iranian history is the devaluation of the rial immediately after the occupation of Iran by the Allied forces. Dr Mosharraf Naficy, the finance minister who is associated with this devaluation, is criticized severely and even branded a traitor and foreign agent. He, on the other hand, has defended his decision with regard to the exchange rates and claimed that there was no devaluation. The Second World War as an episode in the modem history of Iran has received… 
The Impact of War on the Foreign Policy Idealism Discourse of the First Decade of Revolutionary to Realism Discourse of Second Decade
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  • 2018
This study aims at investigating the origins of Iran’s foreign policy approach from idealism to pragmatism relying on comparing the first and the second decades of the Islamic Revolution by using
Iranian Society: Manifestations of Culture
Linguists, historians, and theologians, are but a few who have researched and written on the nuanced relationships between our thoughts, behaviors, and the language that we use. Our experiences are


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277-8; and for Iran, Bank Melli Bulletin, and Bayan Amari. Germany's Cost of Living Index and Japan's price indices for 1945, as well as the Soviet Union's money supply and Price
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To see that not much has changed since then, consider the following 10
    The performance of the Iranian army and its top ranking officers have hardly been scrutinized. An exception is Ahmad Kasravi, Afsaran Ma (Our Officers)
    • Sa'adat
    • 1945
    Asnad Naqze Bitarafi Iran dar Sharivar 1320 (Documents on the Violation of Iran's Neutrality in
      Barnameh va Sayer Qavanin va Mosavvabat Marbouteh az Sal 1385 ta sa 1343 (A Collection of Budget and Plan Laws and Other Related Laws and Regulations from
      • 1906
      Studies of the subject include: George Kirk, The Middle East in the War (London
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      Data on exports and imports of Iran are from Bayan Amari