The Invention of the Mizrahim

  title={The Invention of the Mizrahim},
  author={Ella Shohat},
  journal={Journal of Palestine Studies},
  • Ella Shohat
  • Published 1 October 1999
  • Sociology, Art
  • Journal of Palestine Studies
This essay examines the paradoxical effects on Arab Jews of their two, rival essentialist nationalisms-Jewish and Arab. It shows how the Eurocentric concept of a single "Jewish History" cut non-Ashkenazi Jews off from their origins, even while the Zionist idea that Arabness and Jewishness are mutually exclusive gradually came to be shared by Arab nationalist discourse. The emergence of a new, hybrid identity of Mizrahim, as a product both of Israel9s assimilationist policy and of resistance to… 

Rupture and Return: Zionist Discourse and the Study of Arab Jews

for the representation of the history and identity of Arab Jews/Mizrahim (that is, Jews from Arab/Muslim regions) vis-à-vis the question of Palestine. In previous publications I suggested some of the

Jewish-Israeli National Identity and Dissidence: The Contradictions of Zionism and Resistance

This unique book provides a critical perspective on identity to question how Israeli Jews manage and manifest their concern for the Palestinian Other, eschewing presenting identities as concrete and,

Borderland Pop: Arab Jewish Musicians and the Politics of Performance

This article deals with the emergence of a popular musical field as an Arab Jewish borderland on the margins of the Middle East conflict. This borderland has crystallized as a site of empowerment for

Double-Diaspora in the Literature and Film of Arab Jews

Inspired by the contrapuntal and relational critiques of Edward Said and Ella Shohat, this thesis conducts a comparative analysis of the literature and film of Arab Jews in order to deconstruct

Community Theatre of Mizrahi-Jews and Arabs in Ramle: A Junction of Nationality, Ethnicity, and Gender

In 1998, in Ramle, Israel, directors Oshrat Mizrahi-Shapira, a Mizrahi Jewish woman, and Yussef Swed, an Arab man, established a community-theatre group of Jews and Arabs that created and performed

The exploration of the doubleness of belonging in Naim Kattan’s "Farewell Babylon"

  • A. Joudar
  • Art
    Beyond Philology An International Journal of Linguistics, Literary Studies and English Language Teaching
  • 2021
This paper studies the origin of Jewish existence in Iraq by examining Farewell Babylon, written by Naim Kattan, a Jewish Iraqi writer who lives in Canada. In past decades, Jewish communities moved


Teaching is never merely a technical, pedagogical issue. This is especially true of Arabic teaching in Israel. Two related factors have conditioned the evolution of Arabic instruction in Israel in

Israel's Mizrahim: “Other” Victims of Zionism or a Bridge to Regional Reconciliation?

It may come as a surprise to those unfamiliar with Israeli society, and especially to those who have been led to believe it composed primarily of European Jews who settled in the Middle East, that

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This essay explores the political actions and public performances of the Israeli Black Panthers, pointing to the transnational dynamics that rendered the Panther identity so potent. The Black

The Dynamics of Israel’s Democratic Tribalism

This article evaluates Israeli national identity and its core founding tenets of Zionism, democracy, and Judaism. For decades, demographic changes and associated cultural and ideological fluctuations



Culture and Imperialism.

From Jane Austen to Salman Rushdie, from Yeats to the media coverage of the Gulf War, this is an account of the roots of imperialism in European culture. While many historians and commentators have

Zionism's Internal Others: Israel and the Oriental Jews

The creation of the State of Israel by European Jews was predicated upon reconfiguring Jewish identities. European Zionist leaders asserted that the creation of a Jewish state would normalize the

Sephardim in Israel : Zionism from the Standpoint of its Jewish Victims

Un essai de prendre en compte les consequences negatives du sionisme pour les Juifs orientaux, reduits au mutisme dans l'actuel Etat d'Israel et dans la societe israelienne

A Colonial Settler State? trans

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Israel Planning Ethnic Bomb as Saddam Caves In,

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