The Invention of Heterosexuality

  title={The Invention of Heterosexuality},
  author={Jonathan N. Katz},
"Heterosexuality," assumed to denote a universal sexual and cultural norm, has been largely exempt from critical scrutiny. In this boldly original work, Jonathan Ned Katz challenges the common notion that the distinction between heterosexuality and homosexuality has been a timeless one. Building on the history of medical terminology, he reveals that as late as 1923 the term "heterosexuality" referred to a "morbid sexual passion" and that its current usage emerged to legitimate men and women… 

The social construction of heterosexuality

Abstract Following a long tradition of social constructionist work on homosexuality, a social constructionist approach is starting to be used in the analysis of heterosexuality. This paper identifies

The Resistant Social/Sexual Subjectivity of Hall's Ogilvy and Woolf's Rhoda

Throughout the early twentieth century, psychologists, medical doctors, and sexologists debated and determined our modern understanding of the female homosexual. Rooted in a dialectic between the

Deconstructing heterosexuality: life stories from gay New York, 1931-1941.

A narrative analysis of the case study texts of the male sample of New York's lesbian and male homosexual community is focused on, using deconstruction as an interpretive strategy, in relation to the culturally dominant sexual ideology of heterosexuality.

“A Brutal, Indecent Spectacle”: Heterosexuality, Futurity, and Go Tell It on the Mountain

Abstract:In this essay I argue that Baldwin’s depiction of queer possibility depends on the spectacular failure of heterosexuality to ensure the future, a failure that ultimately severs

Ars Erotica or Scientia Sexualis?

Abstract Homosexualities, like heterosexualities, are numerous and the psychological type of “the homosexual” does not exist. The binary schema of hetero/homo allows us to understand very little of

Beyond “The Female Homosexual”

This essay offers a brief history of how the stereotype “the female homosexual” was created through three installments of psychoanalytic theorizing, starting with Freud's (1920) case study. A second,

A Brief, Slanted History of “Homosexual” Activity

Is a “queer” history even possible? Without a doubt, queers of various sorts have existed throughout history: individuals who have challenged openly or simply lived abrasively toward notions of the

Unpleasures of the Flesh: Medieval Marriage, Masochism, and the History of Heterosexuality

Twenty-first-century scholarship on medieval sexuality has been much concerned with the fits and the misfits of the terms in which these two periods conceptualize sexual matters. Historians of

Gender, sexuality and heterosexuality: the complexity (and limits) of heteronormativity

According to Steven Seidman, analysts of institutionalized heterosexuality have ‘focused exclusively on its role in regulating homosexuality’ and, while queer approaches theorize how ‘homosexuality

The development of sexual orientation in women.

The thesis of this review is that the cumulative body of empirical research on women's sexual orientation refutes each of the main inversion assumptions.



Powers of Desire: The Politics of Sexuality

This provocative anthology brings together a diverse group of well-known feminist and gay writers, historians, and activists. They are concerned not only with current sexual issues-abortion,

The Cult of True Womanhood: 1820-1860

and railroads, at work long hours in a materialistic society. The religious values of his forebears were neglected in practice if not in intent, and he occasionally felt some guilt that he had turned

The Making of the Modern Body: Sexuality and Society in the Nineteenth Century

Scholars have only recently discovered that the human body itself has a history. Not only has it been perceived, interpreted, and represented differently in different epochs, but it has also been

Companionate Marriage and the Lesbian Threat

The door is shut on these minor "innocent" outlets which have done so much to preserve woman's purity, or else it is opened wide on the horrendous and fascinating.

Big brother is watching you.

  • N. C. Lee
  • Law
    South African medical journal = Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir geneeskunde
  • 1979
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