The Invention of God

  title={The Invention of God},
  author={Thomas R{\"o}mer and Raymond Geuss},
Who invented God? When, why, and where? Thomas Romer seeks to answer these enigmatic questions about the deity of the great monotheisms-Yhwh, God, or Allah-by tracing Israelite beliefs and their context from the Bronze Age to the end of the Old Testament period in the third century BCE, in a masterpiece of detective work and exposition. 
The Throne and the Enthroned: On the Conceived Human Image of Yahweh in Iron II Jerusalem
A seal impression found on a bulla from the City of David depicting a throne and two winged discs may corroborate the assumption that the conceived image of Yahweh in Iron II Jerusalem was of a
The Hebrew Bible and Environmental Ethics
The environmental crisis has prompted religious leaders and lay people to look to their traditions for resources to respond to environmental degradation. In this book, Mari Joerstad contributes to
Jehu’s violent coup and the justification of violence
The putsch carried out by Jehu is one of the most violent stories in the Hebrew Bible. The text justifies the violence by portraying the rebellion as a case of retributive justice for the death of
Is there any basis for talking about post-truth regime?
The paper deals with the (im)possibilities of justifying the discourse of ?post-truth?. Its first part is dedicated to detection and understanding what (at all) one talk about when they use newly
‘No longer will you call me ‘my Ba’al’’: Hosea’s polemic and the semantics of ‘Ba’al’ in 8th century B.C.E. Israel
  • Caitlin Hubler
  • Philosophy
    Journal for the Study of the Old Testament
  • 2020
The anti-Ba’al polemics of Hosea 2.16-18 have typically been interpreted as evidence for the existence of a cult of Ba’al in 8th century B.C.E. Israel. However, research on the semantic range of the
The Global Historical and Contemporary Impacts of Voluntary Membership Associations on Human Societies
Reviewed here is global research on how 13 types of Voluntary Membership Associations (MAs) have significantly or substantially had global impacts on human history, societies, and life. Such outcomes
Interacting with the World
One of the main uses of a Propeller is to “talk” to hardware such as motors, relays, switches, LEDs, and so on, so pins P0–P27 are available for general input/output use.