The Interstitial Pathways as the Substrate of Consciousness: A New Synthesis

  title={The Interstitial Pathways as the Substrate of Consciousness: A New Synthesis},
  author={Christopher W. Tyler},
  • C. Tyler
  • Published 31 October 2021
  • Biology
  • Entropy
This paper considers three classes of analyses of the nature of consciousness: abstract theories of the functional organization of consciousness, and concrete proposals as to the neural substrate of consciousness, while providing a rationale for contesting non-neural and transcendental conceptualizations of consciousness. It indicates that abstract theories of the dynamic core of consciousness have no force unless they are grounded in the physiology of the brain, since the organization of… 

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Application of the Catecholaminergic Neuron Electron Transport (CNET) Physical Substrate for Consciousness and Action Selection to Integrated Information Theory

It is demonstrated that CNET can provide a physical substrate and action selection mechanism that is consistent with IIT and which can also be applied to other CTs, such as to conform them into a single explanation of consciousness.

Self-Regulation of Seat of Attention Into Various Attentional Stances Facilitates Access to Cognitive and Emotional Resources: An EEG Study

Brain activation patterns for the attentional stances showed strong correlations with EEG signatures associated with specific positive emotional states and with arousal, confirming that differential locations of the seat of attention can be objectively associated with different emotion states, as implied in previous literature.

Locating the Embodied Sense of Self and Examining its Relationship with Psychological Well-Being

Westerners tend to localize their sense of self in the head, and, to a lesser degree, in the chest. However, single-point, localization studies of the self omit direct exploration of the size and



Consciousness and the brainstem

The CEMI Field Theory: Seven Clues to the Nature of Consciousness

This chapter discusses field theories of consciousness and introduces the conscious electromagnetic field (CEMI) theory that suggests that consciousness is a product of the brain’s electromagnetic field.

A Field Theory of Consciousness

  • E. John
  • Biology
    Consciousness and Cognition
  • 2001
Evidence is presented herein of invariant features of brain electrical activity found to change reversibly with loss and return of consciousness in a study of 176 patients anesthetized during surgical procedures, leading to a postulation that consciousness is a property of quantum-like processes within a brain field resonating within a core of structures, which may be the neural substrate of consciousness.

On the Neurophysiology of Consciousness: 1. An Overview

  • J. Bogen
  • Biology, Psychology
    Consciousness and Cognition
  • 1995
It is suggested that the quickest route to a better understanding of C involves more intensive study of ILN, because no other structure seems, in the light of current knowledge, a more likely site for Mc.

Consciousness: here, there and everywhere?

  • G. TononiC. Koch
  • Psychology
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
  • 2015
The science of consciousness has made great strides by focusing on the behavioural and neuronal correlates of experience. However, while such correlates are important for progress to occur, they are


  • W. Penfield
  • Medicine
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 1958
This great National Academy embraces many sciences-almost as many, in fact, as there are members-for this is the day of diversity of thought and specialization of technique. But, although there are

Consciousness as Integrated Information: a Provisional Manifesto

  • G. Tononi
  • Psychology
    The Biological Bulletin
  • 2008
The integrated information theory (IIT) starts from phenomenology and makes use of thought experiments to claim that consciousness is integrated information. Specifically: (i) the quantity of

The CEMI Field Theory: Closing the loop

Several theories of consciousness first described about a decade ago, including the conscious electromagnetic information (CEMI) field theory, claimed that the substrate of consciousness is the