The Intersection Game

  title={The Intersection Game},
  author={Burkard Polster},
  journal={Math Horizons},
  pages={11 - 8}
  • B. Polster
  • Published 1 April 2015
  • Mathematics
  • Math Horizons
S pot It! is a fun card game played with 55 cards, each of which carries eight pictures. What’s special about this game is that any two cards have exactly one picture in common. The aim of Spot It! is to be the fi rst player to spot this common picture. Can you spot the common picture on the two cards in fi gure 1? Now let’s spot the cool mathematics at the core of this game and see if we can use it to design new variants. 
On the existence of"Spot It!"decks that are not projective planes
The game Spot It! is played with a deck of cards in which every pair of cards has exactly one matching symbol and the aim is to be the fastest at finding the match. It is known that finite projective
W-STEAM Card Game to Develop Computational Thinking
The mixed team and the game development process, involving concepts of geometry and mathematical combinatorics, and culminating in an algorithm for automatic generation of the cards in order to satisfy the theory is discussed.
The Joy of SET
SET, a card game originally developed by Marsha Falco in 1974 based on her work as a geneticist and first sold commercially in 1991, has gone on to become a staple of math department lounges and undergraduate theses.