The Interpretation of Cultures

  title={The Interpretation of Cultures},
  author={Richard K. Fenn and Clifford Geertz},
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Interpretation and the limits of interpretability: on rethinking Clifford Geertz's semiotics of religious experience

This paper critically interrogates Clifford Geertz's analysis of religious belief as it relates to both his broader semiotics of culture and his views on how such beliefs are implicated in the

From Symbolism to Interpretation: Reflections on the Work of Clifford Geertz

The following essay examines some of the key issues in interpretive anthropology through a discussion of the writings of Clifford Geertz. Central emphasis is given to Geertz's concept of culture and

Clifford Geertz and the Concept of Culture

Clifford Geertz has observed that “anthropology is a science whose progress is marked less by a perfection of consensus than by a refinement of debate. What gets better is the precision with which we

Clifford Geertz's Account of Culture as a Resource for Theology

Culture is a major category of analysis in contemporary theology, as in all of the humanities. In clarifying the idea of culture, a number of theologians, particularly those engaged in the theology

Culture as Theater / Culture as Belief

Once upon a time—and a very good time it was—some of us in the business of literary and cultural criticism found an extraordinary kinship with some folks in the business of cultural anthropology. And


No one disputes that possession of language is one of the most distinctive of all human cultural attributes. The most fundamental argument has to do with the nature of language as social practice. An

Weber and Geertz on the meaning of religion.

Clifford Geertz often cites Max Weber as the pioneering ‘interpretive’ social scientist. But the approaches of Weber and Geertz to interpretation differ sharply. Both associate interpretation with

Chapter 6 Contemporary Habitats of Meaning

State, market, movement and consociality are identified as major organizational frames of contemporary culture, and the relation of major scenario writers to these frames is mapped.

Conceptions of School Culture: An Overview

It is not clear what the term culture means in current discussion of school culture. Is it to refer globally to everything that happens routinely in schools, or are there more precise definitions



Some Minority Problems in Burma

A LTHOUGH THIS ARTICLE will primarily be concerned with an exami1 ~nation of two increasingly disturbing minority problems now facing the Union of Burma, it seems desirable first to touch upon

Politics in the Shan State: The Question of Secession from the Union of Burma

The fourth of January 1958 was significant in Burma for two reasons; it marked the tenth anniversary of the nation's independence and it also denoted the end of the constitutional limitation on the

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What do you do when things go wrong, when you can't give up but you can't stay strong, you don't want to live, but you don't want to die, you just want to roll over and just want to cry. This may be

Rural administration in Morocco

The personnel presently serving as Morocco's rural administrators are spread thinly throughout the nation. The Rommani district is fairly typical of this pattern. Within this administrative zone,

The Malayan Elections of 1959

S OME KNOWLEDGE of the Federation of Malaya's human geography is essential if the country's political institutions are to be understood. In order of both numerical and political importance, the three


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