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The Internet and the Radicalization of Muslim Women

  title={The Internet and the Radicalization of Muslim Women},
  author={Sergio E. Sanchez},
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Imagined Communities and the Radicalization of Second Generation Muslim Women in the United Kingdom
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) concerns itself with the issue of its citizens becoming radicalized and joining extremist groups. Daesh is one such group that is able to


Female Terrorism: A Review
The sharp growth in the number of publications examining female involvement in terrorism has produced a valuable but un-integrated body of knowledge spread across many disciplines. In this paper, we
The Female Jihad: Al Qaeda's Women
When women carry out a suicide attack they undermine the idea of who and what a terrorist is. What is generally not realized is the extent to which women are involved in terrorism. The purpose of
Terrorism and the Internet: Use and Abuse
The present paper explores the evolution of the Internet; current terrorist uses of the net; and what may be possible in terms of counter-terrorist operations in this area.
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“ Myths and Realities of Female - Perpetrated Terrorism . ” Law and Human Behavior
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Female Terrorists in the Russian Socialist Revolutionary Party
10 Years for Plot to Murder Cartoonist.
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3 Beyond Survival: Militarism, Equity and Women’s Security
This chapter explores the tension between the prospects for equitable development and the global investments in militarism. It argues that militarism, a highly gendered economic, political and
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Myths and realities of female-perpetrated terrorism.
Compared with their male counterparts, female terrorists were equivalent in age, immigration profile, and role played in terrorism, but they were more likely to have a higher education attainment, less likely to be employed, and less likelyto have prior activist connections.