The Internationalization of China: Foreign Relations At Home and Abroad in the Republican Era

  title={The Internationalization of China: Foreign Relations At Home and Abroad in the Republican Era},
  author={William C. Kirby},
  journal={The China Quarterly},
  pages={433 - 458}
  • W. Kirby
  • Published 1 June 1997
  • History
  • The China Quarterly
Nothing mattered more. Chinese history during the era of the first Republic was defined and shaped - and must ultimately be interpreted - according to the nature of its foreign relations. While few would dispute the contributions of what Paul Cohen has called a “more interior approach”1 to modern Chinese historical studies in the past two decades, there is no point searching for some uniquely “China-centred” historical narrative for this period. Everything important had an international… 

Chinese Perceptions of Europe before 1949: Perspectives from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)

This paper analyses, whether history and culture from pre-1911 China influence and shape China-EU policy today. It argues that although the People`s Republic of China claims to have turned a page

Transnational Nationalisms—China and the United States in a Pacific World: An Introduction

“The general trend in world, affairs is daily concentrating more and more on the Pacific, as those with even a little knowledge in world affairs will confirm,” wrote the Chinese historian and public

China Rejoining the World and Its Fictional Sovereignty, 1912–1949

  • M. Carrai
  • History, Political Science
    Sovereignty in China
  • 2019
As Wellington Koo, one of the great diplomats of the republican period, emphatically stated, after the Wuchang uprising of 1911 and the revolution that overthrew China’s last dynasty, the sacred

Sovereignty in China

This book provides a comprehensive history of the emergence and the formation of the concept of sovereignty in China from the year 1840 to the present. It contributes to broadening the history of

War, State-Building, and International Connections in Nationalist China

  • H. Lopes
  • History
    Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society
  • 2019
In a recent survey of modern China, historian Rana Mitter noted: “The war between China and Japan may have been the single most important event to shape twentieth-century China”. This perspective

Shaping Modern Shanghai: Colonialism in China's Global City

Shaping Modern Shanghai provides a new understanding of colonialism in China through a fresh examination of Shanghai's International Settlement. This was the site of key developments of the

China’s Struggle for Survival and the New Darwinist Conception of International Society (1895–1911)

  • M. Carrai
  • Political Science
    Sovereignty in China
  • 2019
The two Opium Wars, the internal rebellions, the continuous encroachment of Western powers, and, in particular, the Qing-Meji War of 1894–1895 “forever changed China’s interpretation of herself in

The Individual and the International ""I'': Zou Taofen and Changing Views of China's Place in the International System

In Heart of Europe, his sweeping account of Polish history, Norman Davies explains the difficulty of writing the history of the Partitions (1795–1918) when no such entity as ‘‘Poland’’ existed on the

The Qing Empire (China), Imperialism, and the Modern World

China has become the subject of increasing attention in the study of world history. However, many world history texts still place the last Chinese dynasty, the Qing, in the category of the ‘losers’:

Rethinking the origins of ‘Western’ imperialism in China, 1790-1860: global constellations and imperial policies

In the light of recent scholarship, this article revisits the conventional understanding of the origins of ‘Western’ imperialism in China. I argue, in particular, that global factors must be taken



The creation of the treaty system

PERSPECTIVES ON THE TREATY SYSTEM The unequal treaty system was set up in China at a time when the Chinese common people did not participate in a national political life. In the middle decades of the

Socialism with Chinese Characteristics: Sun Yatsen and the International Development of China

  • M. Godley
  • Political Science
    The Australian Journal of Chinese Affairs
  • 1987
If and when the People's Republic of China (PRC) and Guomindang remnants on Taiwan reach a modus vivendi, the 'Third United Front', like the First and Second, must surely give lip service to the

Death of a Young Shanghailander: The Thorburn Case and the Defence of the British Treaty Ports in China in 1931

On June 4th 1931 the North China Daily News—the principal British owned English-language newspaper in Shanghai published a small report on page 12 headed ‘Alleged crime by foreigner: Shooting affair

The Chinese labor movement

are based, is well chosen. The book is well organized, balanced, easy to follow, smooth reading, and entirely free from the sentimentalism of an ordinary Ph.D. thesis. No important problem is left

The Yenan Way in revolutionary China

characters, Ch'en was also a native of Chekiang. According to chapter four, Chiang thus developed enormous respect, admiration, and affection for Ch'en. The assassination of Ch'en in 1916 became a

Discovering history in China : American historical writing on the recent Chinese past

Preface to the Second Paperback EditionPrefaceIntroduction to the 2010 IssueIntroduction1. The Problem with "China's Response to the West"2. Moving Beyond "Tradition and Modernity"3. Imperialism:

The belief system and national images: a case study

Even a cursory survey of the relevant literature reveals that in recent years-particularly in the decade and a half since the end of World War II-students of international politics have taken a

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The Victorian lunatic asylum is traced from its idealistic beginnings in the early nineteenth century, when it was hoped that real cures might come from diagnosis, segregation, and classification of what had been the undifferentiated mad, homogenized within the general population.