The International Sexual Trafficking of Women and Children

  title={The International Sexual Trafficking of Women and Children},
  author={David R. Hodge and Cynthia A. Lietz},
  pages={163 - 174}
The contemporary international slave trade has received little attention in the social work literature. In keeping with the profession's commitment to social justice and human rights, this article reviews perhaps the most prominent and fastest-growing component of the trade—the trafficking of young women and children for prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation. The role of criminal networks in the globalization of sexual trafficking is discussed, along with the recruitment… 
Human Trafficking Is More Than Sex Trafficking and Prostitution
The human trafficking discussion has focused primarily on women and children who are trafficked for sexual exploitation. However, as social workers confront the issue, they require an understanding
Sex Trafficking and the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
ABSTRACT In recent years, the problem of child sex trafficking has become a topic of international discussion and concern. Child sex trafficking can include many forms of commercial sexual
Sex trafficking and the exploitation of adolescents.
  • N. McClain, S. Garrity
  • Psychology, Sociology
    Journal of obstetric, gynecologic, and neonatal nursing : JOGNN
  • 2011
Nurses must be aware of sex trafficking as a form of sexual violence in the adolescent population and play a role in identifying, intervening, and advocating for victims of human trafficking as they currently do for patients that are the victims of other types of violent crimes.
Human Trafficking & Commercial Sex Exploitation: Treatment Recommendations for an Invisible Population
Treatment recommendations are made based on a trauma-focused, relational model aimed at reinstating psychological well-being in the survivor, specifically focusing on the treatment of survivors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE).
Seventeen years of human trafficking research in social work: A review of the literature
This systematic review of the current literature on human trafficking in social work journals found the following: more focus on sex trafficking than other forms of trafficking; a lack of a clear conceptualization and definition on the entire spectrum of trafficking'; a lacks of evidence-informed empirical research to inform programs, practice, and policy; and a dearth of recommendations for social work education.
Child trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation: a review of promising prevention policies and programs.
  • Y. Rafferty
  • Political Science
    The American journal of orthopsychiatry
  • 2013
Promising policies and programs designed to prevent child trafficking and CSE by combating demand for sex with children, reducing supply, and strengthening communities are highlighted.
Victims of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking
It is estimated that between 100,000 and 300,000 American children and youth are sexually exploited annually for commercial purposes. A significant proportion of the child victims of domestic minor
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The most salient factor in the business of exploiting children is sexual exploitation. Commercialized sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) can more easily be understood as a form of commercialized
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Despite conventional wisdom that slavery has been eradicated, this analysis of the human trafficking literature reveals that this form of violent coercion and economic exploitation persists. However,
Advancing the efforts of the macro-level social work response against sex trafficking
This article explores the conceptualization of sex trafficking in social work, through research, theory, and policy. We will view sex trafficking from a macro level addressing the global phenomenon.


The Sex Trade Industry's Worldwide Exploitation of Children
The twenty-first century brings with it some of the dark realities of the last century with respect to the commercial sexual exploitation of children. Worldwide, untold numbers of children are being
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The sexual exchange of girls and women embodies deep cultural practices and is historically embedded in many family and kinship systems. Contemporary trafficking operations transform traditional
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Trafficking of women for marriage is recognized as a modern-day slave trade, although it has a long history in China. The reasons for its resurgence in China include, but are not limited to,
Sexual trafficking in women: International political economy and the politics of sex
It is argued that the international political economy of sex not only includes the supply side—the women of the third world, the poor states, or exotic Asian women—but it cannot maintain itself without the demand from the organizers of the trade—the men from industrialized and developing countries.
Trafficking for Prostitution in Italy
An overview of the problem of trafficking for prostitution in Italy is given and different trafficking dynamics according to countries of origin of the victims are noted, focusing on the trafficking of Nigerian women and girls to Italy.
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Intense and unresolved debates on prostitution are played out in discussions of trafficking in interesting and contradictory ways. Should women and girls be designated ‘victims’ or ‘migrant sex
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The article presents an overview of trafficking of women for their exploitation in prostitution markets from eastern and central Europe into western and southern Europe and beyond. The author's
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After several years of public debate initiated by the Swedish women’s movement, the Law That Prohibits the Purchase of Sexual Services came into force on January 1, 1999. The Law is the first attempt
‘Welcome to the rape camp’: Sexual exploitation and the internet in cambodia
Abstract Summary: This article reports a piece of original research into the links between the trafficking in women and children across the globe and how such trafficking practices have been