The International Pulsar Timing Array project: using pulsars as a gravitational wave detector

  title={The International Pulsar Timing Array project: using pulsars as a gravitational wave detector},
  author={G. Hobbs and A. Archibald and Z. Arzoumanian and D. Backer and M. Bailes and N. Bhat and M. Burgay and S. Burke-Spolaor and D. Champion and I. Cognard and W. Coles and J. Cordes and P. Demorest and G. Desvignes and R. Ferdman and L. Finn and P. Freire and M. Gonzalez and J. Hessels and A. Hotan and G. Janssen and F. Jenet and A. Jessner and C. Jordan and V. Kaspi and M. Kramer and V. Kondratiev and J. Lazio and K. Lazaridis and K. Lee and Y. Levin and A. Lommen and D. Lorimer and R. Lynch and A. Lyne and R. Manchester and M. McLaughlin and D. Nice and S. Osłowski and M. Pilia and A. Possenti and M. Purver and S. Ransom and J. Reynolds and S. Sanidas and J. Sarkissian and A. Sesana and R. Shannon and X. Siemens and I. Stairs and B. Stappers and D. Stinebring and G. Theureau and R. V. Haasteren and W. V. Straten and J. Verbiest and D. Yardley and X. You},
  journal={Classical and Quantum Gravity},
  • G. Hobbs, A. Archibald, +55 authors X. You
  • Published 2009
  • Physics
  • Classical and Quantum Gravity
  • The International Pulsar Timing Array project combines observations of pulsars from both northern and southern hemisphere observatories with the main aim of detecting ultra-low frequency (similar to 10(-9)-10(-8) Hz) gravitational waves. Here we introduce the project, review the methods used to search for gravitational waves emitted from coalescing supermassive binary black-hole systems in the centres of merging galaxies and discuss the status of the project. 
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