The Interaction of Mycoplasmas with Mammalian Cells

  title={The Interaction of Mycoplasmas with Mammalian Cells},
  author={Dorothea Zucker-Franklin and Morton Davidson and Lewis Thomas},
  journal={The Journal of Experimental Medicine},
  pages={521 - 532}
The ultrastructure of three mycoplasma species, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Mycoplasma gallisepticum, and Mycoplasma neurolyticum, has been studied in isolated form as well as in HeLa cell cultures and following incubation with human peripheral blood leukocytes. During log growth phase, the organisms could be distinguished from each other on the basis of their fine structure. In mammalian cell cultures, PPLO's appeared to proliferate on the plasma membranes which had markedly increased their surface… CONTINUE READING
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