The Intendant's Palace site: urbanization of Québec City's Lower Town

  title={The Intendant's Palace site: urbanization of Qu{\'e}bec City's Lower Town},
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Abstract Several archaeological field studies have been carried out on the Intendant's Palace site since 1982. In the first ten years, research concentrated on the 17th-century brewery, the Intendant's Palace and the King's Stores. When Université Laval's field school returned to the site in 2000, it took a holistic approach rather than focusing on specific buildings. In so doing, it documented the urban evolution of this part of Québec City, which has yielded evidence of continuous occupation… Expand
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Pre-European settlement paleoenvironments along the lower Saint-Charles River, Québec City (Canada)
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Reconstitution des environnements holocènes et historiques dans le cours inférieur de la rivière Saint-Charles, Québec
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Le bâtiment de la potasse de Québec: d’une industrie du XVIIe siècle aux industries du XXe siècle
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33 The excavation of a canal of this type is mentioned in Moussette 1994, 71. 34 The word used on the 1692 plan is batteaux, which refers to a kind of fl at-bottomed boat similar to a rowing boat
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