The Intellectual Pedigree of C. Wright Mills: A Reappraisal

  title={The Intellectual Pedigree of C. Wright Mills: A Reappraisal},
  author={Rick Tilman},
  journal={Political Research Quarterly},
  pages={479 - 496}
  • R. Tilman
  • Published 1 December 1979
  • Sociology
  • Political Research Quarterly
WRIGHT MILLS was perhaps the most influential radical social theorist that America has producted since Thorstein Veblen. This alone makes ? his intellectual pedigree and ideological genesis significant. Unfortunately, many of his critics and supporters do not understand the highly eclectic nature of his work and its relationship to the broad spectrum of both European and American social thought.l Consequently, there is much disagreement, imprecision and inaccuracy in the interpretation of his… 
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Ambivalentní odkaz Millsovy Sociologické imaginace
Charles Wright Mills wrote his renowned and bestselling The Socio- logical Imagination fi fty years ago with the ambition of providing an alternative to the theoretically unsubstantial and


For an interpretation of Mills' The Power Elite as a fusion of neo-Machiavellianism with the work of Weber see Charles G. Moskos
  • The Myth of the Ruling Class: Gaetano Mosca and the Elite
  • 1962
Also see Immanuel Wallerstein's "Mills
  • International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences
For examples of the view of Mills as an eclectic, see Trent Schroyer
  • The Revival of American Socialism
Howard Sherman believes that Mills can be considered either a radical non-Marxist sociologist or a non-dogmatic Marxist. See his Radical Political Economy
  • The difficulty of "classifying" Mills' thought is pointed to by Ralph Miliband in his "C. Wright Mills
This quotation is from a draft of Character and Social Structure