The Intel 8086 Microprocessor: a 16-bit Evolution of the 8080

  title={The Intel 8086 Microprocessor: a 16-bit Evolution of the 8080},
  author={Stephen P. Morse and William B. Pohlman and Bruce W. Ravenel},
The architecture and instruction set of this new 16-bit microprocessor were designed to meet the requirements of a broad spectrum of new microprocessor applications. 

Intel Microprocessors–8008 to 8086

A mere six years of microprocessor evolution have yielded a three-orders-of-magnitude performance improvement, according to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The VLSI Control Structure of a CMOS Microcomputer

By implementing novel microprogram control structures in CMOS, the designers of the 8-bit HD-6301 achieved high performance and low power consumption.

MP 80: A Microprogrammed CPU with a Microcoded Operating System Kernel

How can the performance of ystems containing obsolete technology be improved? Emulation and microprogramming provide cost-effective answers for real-time applications in a process control environment.

A VLSI Architecture for Software Structure: The Intel 8086

By supporting modular programs and high-level languages, this microprocessor architecture aids the implementation of complex software.

The design and programming of a powerful short wordlength processor using context-dependent machine instructions

Context-dependent machine instructions were used to extend the capability of instruction set of a short wordlength processor. By freeing instruction bits for other purposes, a more powerful machine

Microprocessors in Brief

This paper is intended to serve as a technical introduction to the rapidly expanding field of microprocessor and microcomputer technology and to provide an overview of what elements are, what they can do, and how they do it.

INTEL/sup R/ 8090 I/0 Processor Enhances Microcomputer System Performance

The paper discusses system architectures employing the I/0 processor, the CPU-IOP communication scheme and the internal processor architecture.

The history of the microcomputer-invention and evolution

Two "microcomputers" 10 years ahead of "schedule" are developed by scaling down the requirements and using a few other "tricks" described in this paper.


8086 Microcomputer Bridges the Gap Between 8-and 16-Bit Designs

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