The Integration of Agile Development and Model Driven Development - A Systematic Literature Review

  title={The Integration of Agile Development and Model Driven Development - A Systematic Literature Review},
  author={Hessa Alfraihi and Kevin Lano},
In this paper, we present a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) on combining Agile development and ModelDriven Development (MDD. [] Key Result The results show that Agile development and MDD can coexist and benefit from their integration. However, combining Agile and MDD is still in its early stages and more effort is required in research to advance this area.

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Agile Model Driven Development: An Intelligent Compromise

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    2011 Ninth International Conference on Software Engineering Research, Management and Applications
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The underlying theoretical foundations of AMDD are presented and the results indicate significant disparity between compared processes that implies the AMDD concepts are still in their infancy.

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