The Integralism of Plínio Salgado: Luso-Brazilian Relations

  title={The Integralism of Pl{\'i}nio Salgado: Luso-Brazilian Relations},
  author={Leandro Pereira Gonçalves},
  journal={Portuguese Studies},
  pages={67 - 93}
Abstract:This article aims to investigate the path followed by Plnio Salgado in the formation and development of Brazilian Integralism. While drawing on many currents, it set out to build an original political doctrine. However, the ideas in circulation at the time influenced its leader considerably in the formation of his thought. From Portugal, he had the doctrinaire example of Lusitanian Integralism, a movement of an extreme right-wing nationalist character whose formation was clearly based… 

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Salvemos a Democracia!', O integralismo perante a nação

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O drama dos constructores de pátrias

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Alberto Monsaraz (under the pseudonym Évora Macedo), 'A Monarquia Futura I

    The text was also reprinted in Plínio Salgado, Livro verde da minha campanha

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    Alberto Monsaraz (under the pseudonym Évora Macedo)

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