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The Institutional Sources of Statehood. Assimilation, Multiculturalism, and Taxation in Sub-Saharan Africa

  title={The Institutional Sources of Statehood. Assimilation, Multiculturalism, and Taxation in Sub-Saharan Africa},
  author={Anna Persson},

Why Do Citizens Assent to Pay Tax? Legitimacy, Taxation and the African State?

Why do citizens assent to pay tax? On what condition do private individuals agree to commit their personal income to a public fund at the disposal of the state‘ What are the reciprocal

State of the Fiscal Contract in Lagos’ Informal Settlements

Governments often have contentious relationships with residents of urban informal settlements. Motivated by the desire for rents and dreams of becoming the next luxury destination, city governments

Socio-economic Factors of Tax Compliance: An Empirical Study of Individual Taxpayers in the Dhaka Zones, Bangladesh

Tax compliance can be affected by many factors such as magnitude of compliance cost, the extent of penalty, perceived fairness of the tax system, awareness level of taxpayers and perceptions of

Determinants of Tax Compliance Behavior in Ethiopia: Evidence from South Gondar Zone

  • Haile Ademe
  • Economics
    Research Journal of Finance and Accounting
  • 2020
This study is conducted with the main objective of analyzing the empirical relationship between tax compliance behaviour and its determinants in South Gonder Zone of the Amhara region. The study is

International Journal of Management Sciences and Business Research, Jan-2020 ISSN (2226-8235) Vol-9, Issue 1

This study investigated the key drivers of tax non-compliance in the North West Region of Cameroon. Specifically, the study aimed at investigating the effects of the level of tax education of the

Determinants of Tax Compliance Attitude with Taxation: Evidence from Taxpayers in Gedeo Zone, SNNPRS, Ethiopia

  • Economics
  • 2018
Tax compliance attitude is influenced by demographic, individual, social, institutional and economic factors. Thus, the objective of this study is to identify the determinants of tax compliance

Tax Compliance Attitude of Rural Farmers: An Analysis Based on Survey Data in Ethiopia

Applying logit regression models, we present the factors that determine the tax compliance attitude of individual smallholder farmers in Ethiopia. The evidence presented in this article is based on

Una investigación sobre la corrupción pública y sus determinantes An Inquiry on Public Corruption and its Determinants

The study of public corruption has become particularly prominent since the 2008 interna - tional economic crisis. This kind of occurrence demands improving control of public funds to close the gap

Citizens' support for Economic Reforms in Sub-Saharan Africa

The objective of this paper is to investigate the factors that influence citizens' support for costly economic reforms in sub-Saharan Africa. This is relevant for several reasons, but the most

Effects of Electronic- Tax System on the Revenue Collection Efficiency of Kenya Revenue Authority: A Case of Uasin Gishu County.

: Electronic tax system is a computerized tax administration system that is especially designed to handle general tax administration from registration, assessment, filing returns and processing of



An African Success Story: Botswana

Botswana has had the highest rate of per capita growth of any country in the world in the last 35 years. This occurred despite adverse initial conditions, including minimal investment during the

Conceptualizing State Capacity

  • DEMSTAR Report No. 6",
  • 2002

Language of Instruction and the Quality of Basic Education in Zambia, Background paper for the Education for All Global monitoring report

  • 2004

The Evolution of Modern Botswana: Historical Revisions

  • The Evolution of Modern Botswana,
  • 1985

Designing Performance: The Semi-Autonomous Revenue Authority Model in Africa and Latin America

During the past decade, diverse developing countries have introduced radical reforms in their collection of taxes. In more than 15 countries, traditional tax departments have been granted the status

Incentives and Institutional Reform in Tax Enforcement: An Analysis of Developing Country Experience

The authors of this work have carried out an empirical examination of taxation policies in India and several other developing countries - including Spain, Singapore, The Philippines and Mexico

Governing the commons: The evolution of institutions of collective action

Knjiga americke politologinje Elinor Ostrom (1933-2012) Upravljanje zajednickim dobrima: evolucija institucija za kolektivno djelovanje, objavljena 1990. godine, danas se smatra klasicnim djelom,

Fixity and fluidity: chiefly authority and settlement movement in colonial Botswana

This article proposes that anthropologists and historians of colonialism, landscape and the colonial construction of chieftaincy in Africa should examine particular case studies in more detail to

Gaberone: Problems and Prospects of a New Capital

FOR eighty years (1885-1965), Botswana' had the dubious distinction of being the only territory whose administrative capital lay beyond its borders. Such an arrangement presented numerous