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The Institution of the Private Attorney General: Perspectives from an Empirical Study of Class Action Litigation

  title={The Institution of the Private Attorney General: Perspectives from an Empirical Study of Class Action Litigation},
  author={Bryant G. Garth and Ilene H. Nagel and Sheldon J. Plager},
  journal={Southern California Law Review},
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Proportional Contracts

Contract law treats consumer attention as if it were unlimited. We instead view consumer attention as a scarce resource that must be conserved. We argue that consumer contracts generate negative

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Companies targeted by SEC enforcement actions often face parallel private class actions under the federal securities laws based on the same underlying conduct. But when the SEC selects enforcement

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This essay on the class action will be a chapter in the Procedural Law and Economics volume forthcoming from Edward Elgar. It reviews the law-and-economics literature on the class action, current as

Incomplete antitrust laws and private actions for damages

Our purpose in this paper is to identify some of the implications that derive from the incompleteness of antitrust laws. Since with regard to certain anticompetitive conduct, the law remains

Exploding the Class Action Agency Costs Myth: The Social Utility of Entrepeneurial Lawyers

In this article, we challenge the traditional view that entrepreneurial plaintiffs' class action lawyers operating entirely according to their own economic self-interest serve no social utility, or