The Inside and Outside Views of Life

  title={The Inside and Outside Views of Life},
  author={George Kampis},
  booktitle={European Conference on Artificial Life},
  • G. Kampis
  • Published in
    European Conference on…
    4 June 1995
  • Philosophy
Biology is, better than anything else, about existence in time. Hence biological reality cannot be defined without reference to a temporally situated observer. The coupled or detached character of this observer (with respect to the own time variable of the system) provides a link between the observer and the observed. This connections delimits the kinds of scientific descriptions that can be given at all by an observer. In particular, two fundamentally different forms of description… 

A Contextualised General Systems Theory

The introduction of a Contextualised General Systems Theory based upon an extension of Quantum Theory is introduced, offering numerous tests for contextual behaviour, as well as modelling possibilities for systems that do indeed display it.


This work identifies, and proceeds to examine systems at the high end of the complexity scale, those which have not to date been well understood by current modelling methodology, and shows that many such models exhibit what might be termed contextual dependency.

Harnessing non-modernity: a case study in artificial life

Artificial Life is a research field which has developed around the use of synthetic artificial systems, mostly robotic and virtual, to investigate the supposed characteristic features of life. The

Time Management by Living Systems: Time Modularity, Rhythms and Conics Running Calendars. Methodology, Theory and Applications

Time knowledge requires skills and tools to be designed by the system so as to manage time when accomplishing tasks to survive and the emergence of a new blueprint runs through the juxtaposition and embedment of previous systems.

Process physics: Quantum theories as models of complexity

The original relational model of Process Physics and the emergent hierarchical structure that it generates is discussed, linking the reason for this emergence to the historical basis of the model in quantum field theory.

High end complexity

The possibility that quantum theories may be able to model such high end complexity is investigated, and the reasons why these systems at the high end of the scale are not well modelled are presented.

Nietzsche’s Darwin

History and the Untimely

The Eternal Return and the Overman

The Evolution of Sex and Race

  • E. Grosz
  • Sociology, Biology
    The Nick of Time
  • 2020



Biological Evolution as a Process Viewed Internally

A new concept of process is developed and applied to biological evolution based on a disctinction between external and internal views of processes, and the basic notions of an ontology for internal processes of a system are developed.


A number of important implications of this point of view, bearing particularly on system analysis in biology, and on reductionism as a general analytic strategy, are pointed out.

The garden in the machine: the emerging science of artificial life

This wide-ranging survey touches on every aspect of this complex and rapidly developing discipline, including its connections to artificial intelligence, chaos theory, computational theory, and studies of emergence.

On the design of devices with emergent semantic functions

This dissertation explores how to go about designing self-organizing devices which adaptively construct their own relationships to the physical world (emergent semantic functions), and bears on the frame/feature-generation problem in artificial intelligence, the problem of machine creativity in philosophy, the measurement problem in physics, the Problem of generating new observables in science, and theproblem of emergent functions in evolutionary biology.

Representation and Reality

Part 1 Meaning and mentalism: Fodor and Chomsky three reasons why mentalism can't be right connections between 1,2, and 3. Part 2 Meaning, other people and the world: the division of linguistic

The structure of science : problems in the logic of scientific explanation

Recent controversies between analytic and historic-sociological approaches to the philosophy of science have not diminished its significance; in fact, it seems to me that the pragmatic component in

Cybernetics: Or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine

This is a study of human control functions and Mechanico-Electrical systems designed to replace them and how they change over time.

Endophysics. A New Apporach to the Observer-Problem with Applications in Physics, Biology and Mathematics, Aerial

  • 1993

A Perfect Vacuum