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The Input/Output Complexity

  title={The Input/Output Complexity},
  author={Jeffrey Scott VlllER},
We provide tight upper and lower bounds, up to a constant factor, for the number of inputs and outputs (I/OS) between internal memo y and seconda y storage required for five sorting-related problems: sorting, the fast Fourier transform (FFT), permutation networks, permuting, and matrix transposition. The bounds hold both in the worst case and in the average case, and in several situations the constant factors match. Secondary storage is modeled as a magnetic disk capable of transferring P… 

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I/O complexity: The red-blue pebble game

Using the red-blue pebble game formulation, a number of lower bound results for the I/O requirement are proven and may provide insight into the difficult task of balancing I/o and computation in special-purpose system designs.

Tight Bounds on the Complexity of Parallel Sorting

  • F. Leighton
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    IEEE Transactions on Computers
  • 1985
Tight upper and lower bounds are proved on the number of processors, information transfer, wire area, and time needed to sort N numbers in a bounded-degree fixed-connection network.

The I/O Performance of Multiway Mergesort and Tag Sort

These models of secondary storage are developed to evaluate external sorting and use them to analyze the average I/O access time of mergesort and tag sort on files with uniform key distribution and it is shown that for large files tag sort takes asymptotically less I/W time than mergesorts.

The Design and Analysis of BucketSort for Bubble Memory Secondary Storage

A hypothetical Bucket-Sort implementation that uses bubble memory is described and a new software marking technique is introduced that reduces the effective time for an associative search.

The Universality of the Shuffle-Exchange Network

The inherent relationship between the shuffle-exchange network and the Benes binary network is specified so that designers can have a broad prospect.

Time Bounds for Selection

Parallelism in space-time tradeoffs. In Advances in Computing Research, Volume 4: Special issue on Parallel and Disfributed Computing

  • 1987

J. Personal Communication

  • J. Personal Communication
  • 1986

Parallelism in space - time tradeoffs

  • Advances in Computing Research , Volume 4 : Special issue on Parallel and Disfributed Computing . JAI Press , Greenwich , Corm .
  • 1987