The Initiation and Control of Rapid Flight Maneuvers in Fruit Flies1

  title={The Initiation and Control of Rapid Flight Maneuvers in Fruit Flies1},
  author={M. Dickinson},
  booktitle={Integrative and comparative biology},
  • M. Dickinson
  • Published in
    Integrative and comparative…
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Abstract Fruit flies alter flight direction by generating rapid, stereotyped turns, called saccades. The successful implementation of these quick turns requires a well-tuned orchestration of neural circuits, musculo-skeletal mechanics, and aerodynamic forces. The changes in wing motion required to accomplish a saccade are quite subtle, as dictated by the inertial dynamics of the fly's body. A fly first generates torque to begin accelerating in the intended direction, but then must quickly… CONTINUE READING
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