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The Initiation Rite in the Bwiti Religion

  title={The Initiation Rite in the Bwiti Religion},
  author={Giorgio Samorini and Ndea Narizanga and Giorgio Samorini},

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Leshoma, the visionary plant of southern Africa

Each year the leafless bulb produces a beautiful fan of leaves which often are wavy in their margins at maturity. Once the vegetative stage is over, the plant loses its leaves, and the flowering

hERG Blockade by Iboga Alkaloids

Results may relate to observations of persistent QT prolongation and cardiac arrhythmia at delayed intervals of days following ibogaine ingestion, and suggest that the iboga alkaloids might provide an informative paradigm for investigation of the structural biology of the hERG channel.

Maas, U. and Strubelt, S. (2006): Fatalities after taking ibogaine in addiction treatment could be related to sudden cardiac death caused by autonomic

It is hypothesize, that these deaths may be a result of cardiac arrhythmias, caused by a dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system, which is classified as an illegal drug in the United States and most European countries.