The Inhibition of Lipase and Glucosidase Activities by Acacia Polyphenol

  title={The Inhibition of Lipase and Glucosidase Activities by Acacia Polyphenol},
  author={Nobutomo Ikarashi and Rumi Takeda and Kiyomi Ito and Wataru Ochiai and Kiyoshi Sugiyama},
  booktitle={Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM},
Acacia polyphenol (AP) extracted from the bark of the black wattle tree (Acacia mearnsii) is rich in unique catechin-like flavan-3-ols, such as robinetinidol and fisetinidol. In an in vitro study, we measured the inhibitory activity of AP on lipase and glucosidase. In addition, we evaluated the effects of AP on absorption of orally administered olive oil, glucose, maltose, sucrose and starch solution in mice. We found that AP concentration-dependently inhibited the activity of lipase, maltase… CONTINUE READING
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