The Information Retrieval Anthology

  title={The Information Retrieval Anthology},
  author={Martin Potthast and S. G{\"u}nther and Janek Bevendorff and J. P. Bittner and Alexander Bondarenko and Maik Fr{\"o}be and Christian Kahmann and Andreas Niekler and Michael V{\"o}lske and Benno Stein and Matthias Hagen},
  journal={Proceedings of the 44th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval},
We present the IR Anthology, a corpus of information retrieval publications accessible via a metadata browser and a full-text search engine. Following the example of the well-known ACL Anthology, the IR Anthology serves as a hub for researchers interested in information retrieval. Our search engine ChatNoir indexes the publications' full texts, enabling a focused search and linking users to the respective publisher's site for personal access. Listing more than 40,000 publications at the time of… Expand
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