The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture, Vol. 2: The Power of Identity

  title={The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture, Vol. 2: The Power of Identity},
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A theory for educational research: Socialisation theory and symbolic interaction
This article develops a theory of socialisation based on the Chicago School of symbolic interactionism but infused with new and important insights offered by contemporary scholars and their writings
Do Web 2.0 social media impact transnational social advocacy? : a study of South African civil society and Greenpeace.
This study focuses on how civil society organisations deploy Web 2.0 technologies for transnational social advocacy, the context of this technology use, and the effect of this adoption in achieving
International Perspectives on Cultural Identity
This essay compares the views on cultural identity of selected scholars from Iran and China and from Britain and Europe. The research contained in this article is important for the comparative
The E-NGOs and their networks: the use of relationships in goal achievement
In the society, the relation between actors, individuals or organisations, are daily. From these interactions, networks are rising. An actor gets closer to another and gets to exchange information,
Social Work and Social Presence in an Online World
Human presence is a fundamental consideration of social work practices. The argument in this article is not to undermine such notions but to elaborate on them based on research into social presence,
Housing and Heritage: Perceptions of “Culture” and its Influence among Policy-Makers and Housing Professionals in Southern and Central Appalachia
Abstract Mountainous “Appalachia” is an historically impoverished and isolated region of the USA that has in recent years experienced a wave of second home development in certain parts, resulting in
Globalisation and loss of identity
Abstract The process of a de-territorialized or multilocal world productive system, which is more informational than industrial and more speculative than productive, has led to a crisis in social
Assessing Indirect Impacts of the EC Proposals for Video Regulation
This study concludes that the EC’s proposed Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMS), which extends television broadcast regulation to Internet Protocol delivery, does not offer firms sufficient
School of Business Administration University of Dayton Abhijit Gopal Richard Ivey School of Business University of Western Ontario TALES FROM THE DARK SIDE : INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL AND TERRORIST
With the stunning success of the last year’s attacks on the United States and the continuing success of the international drug trafficking, it is clear that criminal and terrorist organizations have
Linking Discourse and Space: Towards a Cultural Sociology of Space in Analysing Spatial Policy Discourses
The aim of this paper is to explore how spatialities are 'constructed' in spatial policy discourses and to explore how these construction processes might be conceptualised and analysed. To do this,