The Influence of the United States on the Opening of the Amazon to the World’s Commerce

  title={The Influence of the United States on the Opening of the Amazon to the World’s Commerce},
  author={Percy Alvin Martin},

Capitalist geopolitics and Latin America’s long road to regionalism

ABSTRACT This article situates the current (re)configuration of Latin American regionalism within the broader history of capitalist geopolitics. I argue that modern regionalism, in the post-war

Cartographic Rumors, Brazilian Nationalism, and the Mapping of the Amazon Valley

In 1988, J.B. Harley’s inspiring paper on silences, secrecy, and hidden agendas in early modern cartography stimulated a debate on power-knowledge relations in the history of cartography. Harley

The La Plata Basin System against the Background of Other Basin Organizations

The institutional structure of the large South American La Plata River basin started with the 1969 La Plata Basin Treaty, and it is at present a collection of bodies and commissions which behave

Brazilian images of the United States, 1861-1898: a working version of modernity?

For most of the nineteenth-century, the Brazilian liberal elites found in the ‘modernity’ of the European Enlightenment all that they considered best at the time. Britain and France, in particular,

A Working Bibliography for the Study of Brazilian History

  • E. Burns
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    The Americas
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Bibliographies for the study of Brazilian history are either too brief, such as those in the appendices of general textbooks, or too long, such as the Manual Bibliográfico de Estudos Brasileiros. The