The Influence of The Family on Interracial Intimate Relationships in Post-Apartheid South Africa

  title={The Influence of The Family on Interracial Intimate Relationships in Post-Apartheid South Africa},
  author={Claire Lisa Jaynes},
  journal={South African Journal of Psychology},
  pages={396 - 413}
  • C. Jaynes
  • Published 1 December 2010
  • Sociology
  • South African Journal of Psychology
This study sought to identify and explore discourses on interracial intimate relationships, and to investigate their possible intersections with discourses on racism. Thompson's method of depth hermeneutics, of which critical discourse analysis is a component, was employed to analyse data generated by two focus group discussions and interviews with two heterosexual, interracial couples. The original study demonstrated the way in which discourses on interracial intimate relationships in post… 
Hyperracialized: interracial relationships in post-apartheid South Africa and the informal policing of public spaces
ABSTRACT Dynamics of race in South Africa are deeply entangled within a world system that continues to enable hegemonic white privilege. Prevalent views and behaviours towards “interracial”
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................................................................................. v Chapter 1, On Location .......................................................... 1 Chapter 2, Entering the Race


Reconstituting racial histories and identities: the narratives of interracial couples.
  • K. Killian
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Journal of marital and family therapy
  • 2001
Black spouses, compared with white spouses, demonstrated a greater awareness of and sensitivity to social resistance to interracial couples, and black spouses' familial and personal histories were sometimes relegated to silence in the couple relationship.
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formation to empirical research will require further ingenious data assembly and analysis. These challenges will likely keep Svallfors and other analysts busy developing innovative new analyses for